There are currently three types of Hungarian courses you can choose from:


Private lessons are the best solution for those, who have individual purposes of language learning, like practicing for an interview, preparing for an exam or catching up for a bigger team at their workplace or during their studies. Private lessons are also benefitial if you had tried learning Hungarian previously, but found it difficult for personal reasons. A new teacher, the new circumstances and the personalized method can obviously change the conditions.

Yet the highest advantage of this kind of Hungarian course is the focus. You are the star, the center, the middle and the only participant. No shame for questions, pronounciation, no anger for others time-consuming dialogues, but plenty of exercises and opportunities for self-improvement!

Learn Hungarian in private lessons - Hungarian courses

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Private groups are Hungarian courses that feel like small social events: friendly, refreshing and extremely useful while they continously improve communicational and social skills.

Against bigger language learning societies it only means 2--4 students. This gives the opportunities of working and practicing with a partner, helping in the solid sense of correcting and improving each other.

Projects, living dialogues and roleplays are essentials of fast and efficient language learning, and the best way to get these benefits are to learn with a good friend!

I am speaking about friends, but it is not necessary to bring along someone. You can join by yourself and I organise for your sake a partner or a private group. Moreover I assure you, that would end in a friendship, too!

Learn Hungarian in private groups - Hungarian courses

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Private students and private groups can live with this opportunity, too: you only need a good internet connection, a camera, a microphone and a fixed appointment.

In accordance of the best possible arrangement skype, GTalk and facebook are all countable options, but a google drive account would also be necessary to access shared files and documents regularly.

You don’t even have to be worried for the payment: according to the invoice you may manage our financial business online, under the same conditions as all the other students!

Learn Hungarian online - Hungarian course for those who live far away

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