6 reasons to Learn Hungarian with Éva:

Learning Hungarian with a private teacher is more effective than in a language school

Your first lesson (90 minutes) is absolutely FREE, you don't risk anything!

The course plan is adjusted to YOUR very own needs, not the other way around

Your Hungarian teacher is native, professional Hungarian as a foreign language teacher

You can also learn Hungarian in small private groups of maximum 4 persons

Learn Hungarian in a beautiful environment in the hills of Buda

Get a free private lesson


One to one lessons with a native teacher. Lenght and frequency are all up to you so start learning Hungarian now!

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From 2 to 4 students - not less and not more! Friendly and innovative - the essentials of learning Hungarian efficiently!

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For individuals or smaller groups who can’t manage regular physical appearance at the given place. Abroaders, perpetual travellers or simply far-living students can enjoy a native teacher’s help, too!

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  • Communication and talking, basic conversations were most important at the lessons – for the first time I feel like I really learnt some useful stuff.
  • When I go to our lessons, I feel like I am meeting a very good friend 🙂
  • I was always bad at grammar and languages, but Évi is really patient with me and she speaks very clearly. I still make mistakes, but now I see the structure better and I am not afraid to talk, which is the best result for me ever!
  • Finally, a teacher who speaks English good! My previous teachers really struggled with it, so I did with Hungarian. But now I am in good hands.
  • I have had many teachers before, but she is the best! For the first time I feel I have really improved my Hungarian!